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Last month Sports Car Market Editor Chester Allen asked me to submit a buy/sell/hold column for the April issue of SCM. I thought long and hard about the recent valuation trends of several modern classics. Zero interest rates and aggressive Federal Reserve money printing has distorted asset values across a wide spectrum of investable categories—even higher […]

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Bloomberg Names Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC and Porsche 928 as Appreciating Investments

I have long believed that the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC and the Porsche 928 represent two of the best-engineered GT cars of the 1980’s. Stylistically they are unique and immediately recognizable. The pillarless Benz is especially elegant and represents a high water mark for post-war Mercedes design. Both of these cars were ludicrously expensive when new, […]

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BMW R12 Berlin Show

Vintage German Motorcycles: The Ultimate Pre-War BMW Motorcycle Restoration Shop

While in Los Angeles last week I had a free evening to catch up with Mike Dunn and Brian Schneider. Mike is rapidly emerging as America’s de facto leading expert on pre-war vintage German motorcycles. Brian’s knowledge of these rare machines is encyclopedic. Together these two guys have forgotten more about pre-war BMW’s than most people […]

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Building the Perfect Beast: The Construction of Turtle Garage

“All of the buildings, all of those cars, were once just a dream in somebody’s head.” —Peter Gabriel, Mercy Street, 1986 The Turtle Garage began life as an idea in my head. In 2003 I started giving serious thought to building my dream garage. My fledgling car and motorcycle collection started gaining momentum, and my vehicles needed a permanent […]

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The 1988 BMW E24 M6: An emerging collectible classic?

1988 BMW E24 M6: A Monterey M Record

A 1988 BMW E24 M6 sold for a whopping $90,000 at Mecum’s Monterey auction last week. The all-in hammer price with the buyer’s premium was $99,000. The car was finished in highly desirable Cinnabar Red with Natur interior. Having travelled a mere 25,000 miles it was an “A” example in excellent original condition. The only incorrect item […]

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