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2016: The Year in Review

Turtle Garage launched in early 2015. The site is an expression of my love of motorized vehicles as well as the intriguing people and the ever-changing industry around them. I created the first-generation site from a self-made Word Press template. In mid-2015 I hired a professional web developer to upgrade the site, and the new Turtle Garage launched six months later. Over the last two years, I have authored almost one-hundred posts on

I enjoy writing about diverse topics related to automobiles and motorcycles. The site maintains a heavy emphasis on modern classics and BMW motorcycles from the 1930’s. Outside of those two favored genres, I have attempted to create broad, diverse, interesting, and relevant content. In 2016 I conducted several high profile interviews, covered my various restoration projects, and followed the fascinating evolution of the driverless car. 2017 promises to be a year of abundant content opportunities, and I look forward to sharing these stories with my growing subscriber base.

Finally, I want to thank my wife Sarah for being so supportive of this time-consuming endeavor. It has taken up a lot of weekend and evening time to create and maintain Sarah has spent many hours editing my posts and helping me with stories for Sports Car Market. I am eternally grateful for her steadfast help, strong support, and enduring enthusiasm.

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