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Historic Festival 35 @ Lime Rock (Water) Park

Video by  Lime Rock Historic Festival is always a tremendous automotive and racing extravaganza that showcases close to 2,000 historic, vintage, racing and collector cars over its four days, from race car parades through town and three dozen vintage races to a prestigious Concours on Sam Posey Straight and a huge collector car show. […]

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The Chrysler Turbo Encabulator

The Turbo Encabulator is a fictional device that has roots going all the way back to the 1940’s. The original written summary of the Turbo Encabulator was drafted by a British graduate student who was amused by all the technobabble that his engineering studies required. Time magazine published a description of the Encabulator back in 1946. Rather than try […]

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Corinthian Leather and Darth Vader: Memorable Automobile Commercials

Every so often a car commercial comes along that just makes us laugh and smile. Some ads like Chrysler’s unforgettable 1970’s Cordoba commercials make you want to cry. I went deep into the archives and unearthed some ancient classics. I also found several modern commercials that are poised to become future classics. The TV commercials […]

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