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BMW R69S ISDT: The First GS

I first met Steve Bauer at the 2015 Greenwich Concours. We bonded immediately and have been great friends ever since. Our friendship began over our shared passion for BMW motorcycles and escalated when we realized our parallel views on perfection, authenticity, and factory-correct restorations. Our friendship has traveled coast to coast. Last August, we met […]

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The Dog That Didn’t Bark

“The dog that didn’t bark” is an expression from a famous Sherlock Holmes mystery called Silver Blaze. The non-barking dog was a crucial clue that led to solving the case. It seems that the murderer-thief entered and exited the estate grounds without the guard dog barking. From this overlooked non-event, Holmes surmised that the dog […]

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BMW R12 Berlin Show

Vintage German Motorcycles: The Ultimate Pre-War BMW Motorcycle Restoration Shop

While in Los Angeles last week I had a free evening to catch up with Mike Dunn and Brian Schneider. Mike is rapidly emerging as America’s de facto leading expert on pre-war vintage German motorcycles. Brian’s knowledge of these rare machines is encyclopedic. Together these two guys have forgotten more about pre-war BMW’s than most people […]

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