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The Autonomous Revolution is Upon Us

Bloomberg is on the vanguard of accurate and thoughtful reporting on the emerging and powerful trends of self-driving cars. In this recent article, Jess Shankleman succinctly points out why this autonomous automotive revolution is going to happen way faster than the markets (or the public) thinks. The coming transformation will claim victims from airlines to bicycles […]

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Volvo Voltage: The Automotive Industry Collides With an Unknown Future

“Volvo’s unique advantage is that its two home markets — Sweden and China — are among the countries with the most generous government incentives, even though both have cut them slightly in recent months.”  —Leonid Bershidsky Over the next ten years, the automobile industry will face profound changes. These changes will have a massive ripple […]

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Old Photos of Car Accidents in The 1940's (26)

Automobile Deaths on the Rise as Intel Buys Mobileye

“It’s still the same things that are killing drivers — belts, booze, and speed,” —Jonathan Adkins, executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association This morning Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) agreed to purchase Israel’s Mobileye NV for about $15 billion. This is a major development in the advancement toward self-driving cars. This acquisition represents a seismic shift […]

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Exclusive Interview with Max Girardo: Less is More

Above photo courtesy of RM Sotheby’s. “Dealing with less cars means you can deal with more important cars and do a better job of them.” -Max Girardo Turtle Garage recently sat down with Max Girardo for an exclusive interview. Max is a passionate car expert who has achieved iconic status in the collector car universe. Much […]

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The Economist: Uberworld

This week’s Economist has a thought provoking article on Uber. I distinctly remember my first Uber experience in October of 2012. Ordering a black car on my iPhone evoked the same feeling I had back in early 1997 when I ordered my first book on Amazon, Both of these experiences were similar “ah-ha” moments. Suddenly, something as tedious […]

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GMO’s Jeremy Grantham on the Future of Automobiles

GMO is a leading global investment management firm that is based in Boston. The firm is renowned for its steadfast beliefs and time-tested investment processes. GMO’s Chief Investment Strategist and co-founder Jeremy Grantham is known for his strong views on climate change and his mantra that one must always “cry over spilled milk.” My firm, Hollow Brook Wealth […]

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