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Monterey Car Week 2018: Pebble in Pictures

Pebble Beach 2018 is in the rearview mirror. History was made as the 1962 Ferrari GTO sold for $48.5 million. The fabulous week-long car event is an overwhelming endurance marathon. I flew out on Wednesday evening and took several business meetings in San Francisco on Thursday. I drove down to Monterey late Thursday and made it in time to attend the Legends of the Auto dinner in which Keith Martin was honored along with Tom DuPont, Barry Meguiar, Steve Saleen, and Ken Lingenfelter.

On Friday I attended the Sports Car Market Insider’s Seminar which was hosted at the Gooding tent. Discussion centered around evolving trends in the collector car marketplace. The market is clearly rewarding cars that have provenance, pedigree, and quality. As this bull market matures, the divide is growing between the best and the rest. Other topics of discussion included three pedal mania—the sudden price increase of six-speed equipped Ferraris. Panelists agreed that the importance of color cannot be overlooked. A great car in a not-so-great color will struggle to realize the highest valuation no matter how much time passes. The major familiar lesson of the SCM seminar? Buy what you love.

We left Gooding and headed over to the Quail. This limited-ticket extravaganza runs concurrently with the Bonham’s auction. There was no shortage of fine food, beautiful people, Pagani cars, and Singer Porsches. On Friday night Turtle Garage co-hosted (along with Miles and Parker Collier’s Revs Institute and Putnam Leasing) the Sports Car Market 30th Anniversary cocktail reception. The event took place at The Center for Photographic Art in Carmel and featured work by the legendary race car photographer Jesse Alexander. The event was oversubscribed and was a smash success.

On Saturday morning we headed over to Italiano Concorso. Keith was emcee, and I judged the four-door Alfa Romeo class with Lilly Pray, Frank Campanile, and Brad Miller. It was both an honor and a privilege to be on the field judging some spectacular cars with wonderful people! Our day culminated with the blockbuster sale of the 250 GTO for $48.5 million at RM Sotheby’s. After the auction, Keith Martin treated us to a fabulous dinner at Cibo.

We woke up early Sunday morning to avoid the traffic pile-up that inevitably occurs on 17-Mile Drive—thankfully we had VIP parking. Blessed with spectacular weather, we had light cloud cover, a soft breeze, and no humidity. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of the Collier family, we enjoyed a relaxing lunch at the Revs Institute chalet overlooking the winner’s circle. An 11 pm Jet Blue flight got me to my New York City office before the market opened on Monday! Jet Blue Mint has excellent service and the lie flat seating made the flight easy.

Overall, prices remained strong this year and the Ferrari GTO shattered all records. Turtle Garage bid on the Gooding 1989 Porsche Speedster and the Bonham’s Mercedes 500E. Both my bids were blown out of the water. The Speedster sold for $264,000, and the 500E brought almost $100,800 with fees. The following are photographs taken by me throughout Monterey Car Week:

Arrival at Pebble: The McNeil GTO in traffic on 17 Mile Drive! Between a Hyundai and a Tesla….a Tucker leading the way! This is a normal day at Monterey Car Week….

The Gooding Auction: class, quality, and a great selection of cars!

The distinguished Sports Car Market Insider’s panel.

The stunning Collier Duesenberg SSJ that fetched $22 million. Proceeds to fund Revs 2.0

The 15,000 mile one-owner 500E. This car hammered at $100,800. Color hurt this car….

The Quail madness….

Overwhelming….which way to turn!

The Pagani marketing team…

A tri=blide wiper system

The Gunther carbon fiber 911 body! Stunning!

The SCM 30th anniversary reception sponsored by Turtle Garage, the Revs Institute, and Putnam Leasing.

Great plate!

Concorso Italiano

Original Ferrari patina is unbeatable.

A Maserati engined Citroen.

SCM Publisher Keith Martin as emcee….

A great morning of judging with Lilly, Frank, and Brad…

Famous Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni.

My co-judge Brad Miller about to buy a Lamborghini surfboard!

Team Sports Car Market! A great group of dedicated people!!!

The hallowed gates of Pebble Beach

The madness of crowds.

Concept cars on the Pebble putting green…..

The Singer Porsche

Stunning Maybach

Prancing Horse


Tom Price’s Ferrari masterpiece


High intensity judging

Just in case….


Sir Jackie Stewart


The mother-in-law seat

Totally original Bugatti all the way from Japan

Keeping it clean

Alfa 6C

Best in show!

The most unique grill of the pre-war era…

Iconic ’59 Caddy

Only in Pebble….a Lambo-Taxi

The number of events at Pebble pile up on your arm!




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3 Responses to Monterey Car Week 2018: Pebble in Pictures

  1. Dean Laumbach September 4, 2018 at 10:39 pm #

    Great photos. The event really seems to have a little bit of everything under the sun for collector and exotic car enthusiast. Next years event is definitely on my short term bucket list.

  2. Chuck Coli September 3, 2018 at 12:20 pm #

    Philip,thanks for the pics,haven’t been since having the Ferrari Daytona at Concorso there in 2002 thru 2007 ready to go back after seeing your pics…never forget the drive down to Big Sur in 2002 top down hitting 130 on that long stretch coming back out of Big Sur! Then slowing to 95 to cross the Bixby Bridge! Pulled into the overlook resturant and wife snapped a pic of me with big sh– eatin grin sitting in the car with Bixby bridge in back ground…I urge anyone that has a car they love ship it or drive it to Monterery and “participate” in the best week ever for a “Car Guy”

  3. Zachary Zniewski September 2, 2018 at 3:30 pm #

    Nice photos, thank you. Speaking of Duesenbergs, I wonder how many are in Japan.In about 1975 I was driving down the road near Mankato MN USA and saw in my mirror two larger dim headlamps. I thought it was an old truck but I was suddenly passed by a black four-door Deusenberg sedan. In the front seat were two Japanese men in black business suits. I floored it along side them- 85 mph in my 58 ford. they were laughing hysterically, pounding on the steering wheel, and drinking from a large black bottle. We waved to each other- a salute- and they sped off.
    The incident has always stuck in my mind- the only time I have ever seen one of those cars used on the road.