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  • turtle-garage-dallara-stradale-is-an-instant-classic

    A handful of leading global automotive journalists were invited to take part in the historic unveiling of Gian Paolo Dallara’s masterpiece. A weekend in southern Italy on the storied Nardò Ring proved to be the perfect place to test the limits of this lightweight supercar.

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  • Portrait of Bruno Sacco of Mercedes-Benz

    Bruno Sacco defined the style of Mercedes-Benz for almost three decades. His legacy is secure as one of the most influential automobile designers of the post-war period. His iconic designs include the Mercedes-Benz W126 S-Class, W201 190E, W124 E-Cl;ass, R129 SL, and the W140 S-Class.

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As automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts, we’re often looking for meaningful content that goes far beyond what a typical Google Search will find.

Turtle Garage provides readers with unique insights into the collector vehicle market and the broader automotive industry. Our exclusive content focuses on vintage motorcycles, modern classics, and the exciting future of the automobile—including developments in ride-hailing, electrification, and autonomous driving. We produce diverse articles on travel, restoration projects, book reviews, auction analysis, vehicle summaries, and relevant automotive industry news.

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Join Us For The 2019 Turtle Invitational!

“Pebble Beach has the Quail, Bedford has the Turtle.” In 2017, the inaugural Turtle Invitational was held at Turtle Garage in Bedford New York. A group of passionate enthusiasts came together for a weekend of comraderie, cars, cocktails, and conversations. A stunning roster of classic cars filled the show field (see photos below). The Turtle […]

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The White House vs. GM: The Theater of the Absurd

“Very disapponted with General Motors and their CEO, Mary Barra, for closing plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. Nothing being closed in Mexico & China. The U.S. saved General Motors, and this ithe THANKS we get!”  —Donald Trump, President of the United States “We think it’s appropriate to get in front of it while the […]


The Mysterious Fall of Carlos Ghosn

This summer the auto industry was shocked to learn of the sudden and premature death of legendary and charismatic Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne. This week, the auto world is being rocked once again by more high profile upheaval. Newswires are abuzz over the arrest in Japan of auto titan Carlos Ghosn. The Nissan/Renault/Mitsubishi Chairman is […]


The 24 Hour War: Auto Racing’s Greatest Story

On a recent flight to Germany I watched The 24 Hour War. Get the couch ready, grab a beer, and settle in for a remarkable documentary about racing’s most fascinating story. The Ford vs. Ferrari rivalry at LeMans in the 1960’s is one for the record books. Nate Adams and Adam Carolla directed this exciting […]


The Collection of BMW Legends

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Eric Keller of Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG). EAG is America’s leading purveyor of the finest BMW automobiles (with a heavy emphasis on high-performance M cars). I have grown to know Eric over the years and he is an exceptionally knowledgeable and trustworthy specialty car dealer—he […]

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A Personal Experience With Our Autonomous Future

This week I had a transformational experience with the autonomous future. I recently purchased an off-lease 2015 Mercedes S550, and the car came equipped with option code 997 (which includes Distronic Plus with Steering Assist). Driving home from a meeting I activated Distronic Plus for the first time. I was completely awestruck when the car […]


The Origin of Ferrari’s Prancing Horse

“It is an incident that has been recounted dozens of times, being warped and twisted a bit more with each telling until the truth has been almost obscured.” —Brock Yates on the origins of the Ferrari prancing horse logo Enzo Ferrari’s prancing horse is an internationally recognized symbol of speed, power, and strength. The iconic […]


The Mercedes S-Class: An Off Lease Bargain

Because I lived in the city over the last decade, I did not own a daily driver. The recent move of my office out of the city put me on the hunt to find a practical car that I could use on a regular basis. Over the last three weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of […]


Bring a Trailer: The Future of Collector Car Auctions

“Every car you see on the site is one we wish we could have, that’s how the site was started, and that’s the sort of baseline … the way to keep the content honest and interesting. It’s all the ones you wish you could have, but you can’t.” —Randy Nonnenberg, Founder, Bring a Trailer Bring […]


Didn’t Make It To Monterey Car Week? Read the SCM November Issue!

The SCM Monterey issue is about to hit the newsstands. The hard copy arrived in my mailbox today. The quality of this venerable publication is just going higher and higher. The SCM team works tirelessly to produce a first-class magazine that is accurate and well edited. The coverage of all the activities of Monterey is […]



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