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As car and motorcycle enthusiasts, we’re often looking for new stories that go beyond what a typical Google Search will find.

We know it’s not just about the simple facts of a car or bike, or the stats about them. It’s about everything that goes with them: their history, documentation, the people behind them and their stories. The Turtle Garage is all about telling these stories, so you can learn more about your passion.

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Mercedes-Benz Intensifies the Electric Car Arms Race

Mercedes-Benz announced Monday that it will offer electric versions of all its models by 2022—a scant five years from now. This comes on the heels of Volvo’s shocking July announcement that it will only offer hybrid and all-electric models by 2019. Without a doubt, the electric car arms race is heating up faster and with […]


Hoske & Heinrich: Pioneer Artisans of Motorcycle Accessories

Ernst Hoske and Karl Heinrich are best known for their oversized 8-10 gallon aftermarket fuel tanks that adorned BMW’s in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Very little has been written or documented about the life of these two German artisans. I saw my first Heinrich-equipped BMW when I was about twelve years old. The machine was […]


Historic Festival 35 @ Lime Rock (Water) Park

Video by www.ride-ct.com  Lime Rock Historic Festival is always a tremendous automotive and racing extravaganza that showcases close to 2,000 historic, vintage, racing and collector cars over its four days, from race car parades through town and three dozen vintage races to a prestigious Concours on Sam Posey Straight and a huge collector car show. […]

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1938 BMW R51: Homeward Bound

Turtle Garage’s 1938 BMW R51 is currently on the truck and heading east from Los Angles. It is due to arrive in Lakeville Connecticut this week—just in time for the 35th Annual Lime Rock Park Historic Festival. A special thank you to Mike Dunn and Brian Schneider for completing this complex project on time and with […]

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Sports Car Market: The BMW E24 M6 is on the Rise!

An article written by Turtle Garage is being published in the October issue of Sports Car Market. The subject is the auction result of a 1988 BMW E24 M6 at Bonham’s during the Greenwich Concours in June. The M6 in question was a B/B+ example with 75,000 miles and no documentation. The hammer fell at […]


Shop Turtle Garage!

Turtle Garage is open for business! The innovative web developers at GREAT 8 CREATIVE have been busy upgrading Turtle Garage with a curated store. Over time, the marketplace will evolve with the single goal of providing Turtle Garage readers with a unique resource for sourcing bespoke motoring-related gifts. The store at Turtle Garage can deliver […]


Turtle Garage to be Honored at the 35th Annual Lime Rock Park Historic Festival

Turtle Garage will be displaying eight motorcycles at the 35th annual Lime Rock Park Historic Festival on Sunday, September 3rd. The Historic Festival is a four-day event dedicated to vintage racing and collector cars. The show on Sunday takes place on the storied racetrack at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut. “Historic Festival 35 is […]


The Legendary War Wagons of Norias

“KING RANCH: The name is embroidered in the tapestry of Texas, rising from the sun-baked coastal plains in the infancy of the state itself. King Ranch is the inspiration of legends and speculation, tradition and history. Rawhide-tough through drought, Indian attacks, Civil War, and the Great Depression among other trials, King Ranch is the star of […]

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U.K. to Outlaw Fossil Fuel Cars by 2040

“We can’t carry on with diesel and petrol cars.” —U.K. Environment Secretary Michael Gove Earlier this week Bloomberg reported that the U.K. will join France by putting an outright ban on the use of fossil fuel cars by 2040. Plug-in electric cars currently make up only one percent of U.K passenger vehicle sales. U.K. regulators […]


U.S. Justice Department Puts Heat on Audi and VW

In an effort to prosecute those involved in the recent “Dieselgate” emissions scandal, U.S. Federal Investigators are aggressively going after lower-level executives of Audi and VW. Because Germany does not have extradition laws, it has proven difficult for the U.S. Department of Justice to bring cases against German senior executives. The accusations are serious and […]


The BMW K1: A Futuristic and Timeless Machine

“The K1 may not be a track weapon, but it’s an extremely capable high-speed touring bike, poised and confident on the road and easily capable of triple-digit speeds.” —Motorcycle Classics, April 2016 1989 was a historic year in Germany. The Berlin Wall came crumbling down and BMW built the K1. Recently I dove into the […]

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