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    Steven Watts excellent biography of Henry Ford. The People's Tycoon: Henry Ford and the American Century is a comprehensive account of the life of a business legend. The book is painstakingly researched and masterfully written. The 650-page tome is a window into the ups and downs of Henry Ford’s life.

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    The inaugural Turtle Invitational Concours d’ Elegance was held at the Turtle Garage in Bedford New York. The festivities were a smash success and we look forward to hosting the event again in 2019. We had an incredible roster of cars, but moreover, a great group of passionate car enthusiasts.

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As car and motorcycle enthusiasts, we’re often looking for new stories that go beyond what a typical Google Search will find.

We know it’s not just about the simple facts of a car or bike, or the stats about them. It’s about everything that goes with them: their history, documentation, the people behind them and their stories. Turtle Garage is all about telling these stories, so you can learn more about your passion.

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Car Culture According to Dr. Fred Simeone and Philip Richter

At the 2018 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance, Dr. Fred Simeone and Philip Richter were interviewed by Alexander Davidis for These two unusual video interviews articulate the passion of the car hobby and the importance of the automobile as an artistic and cultural object. Cars can be an expression of art and should be carefully preserved […]


The Scream: Enzo Ferrari Joins the Ranks of Edvard Munch

In May 2012, Edvard Munch’s eerie expressionist painting “The Scream” sold for a record $120 million. At the time, this historic sale reset the art market and raised eyebrows worldwide. Last week the collector car world may have reached a similar pinnacle with the $70 million private sale of a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. This […]


The Greenwich Concours: A Triumph of the Next Generation

I’ve attended the Greenwich Concours for over fifteen years and by all accounts this year represented the high water mark. For 2018, the show had all the attributes of a successful Concours d’Elegance: interesting people, breathtaking cars, decent weather and a beautiful venue on Long Island Sound. Festivities began on Friday morning with a vintage […]

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Where Does Cadillac Go From Here?

“Johan brings to our company vast experience in the development and proper execution of luxury automotive brands. With over 20 years in this exact space, especially in the development of the Audi brand, his track record proves he is the perfect executive to lead Cadillac for the long term.” —GM president Dan Amman, July 2014 […]


Phil Hill: Inside Track

At Christmastime, my wife and I engage in a veritable “arms race” of holiday gift giving. It is not about the cost or size of the present, but rather we vie for the most personalized, creative, innovative, and thoughtful gift. Sometimes they are homemade. Sometimes they are silly. Most of the time they make us […]


Henry Ford: The People’s Tycoon

“Ford was able to demonstrate the superiority of an economy of abundance over one of scarcity and he elevated standards of living to a height never before dreamed of….”  —Charles Sorenson Steven Watts excellent biography of Henry Ford, The People’s Tycoon: Henry Ford and the American Century is a comprehensive account of the life of a […]


Attention K-Mart Shoppers: The Mercedes-Benz R230 SL55 AMG is a Bargain Supercar

Net-net is a value investing technique developed by Benjamin Graham in which a company is valued based solely on its net current assets. The net-net investing method focuses on current assets, taking cash and cash equivalents at full value, then reducing accounts receivable for doubtful accounts, and reducing inventories to liquidation values. Total liabilities are deducted from the adjusted current assets to get the company’s net-net value. […]


The Automobile Tsunami Has Only Just Begun: Ford to Stop Making Passenger Cars!

“We’re going to feed the healthy parts of our business, and deal decisively with the parts that destroy value.” —Ford CEO James Hackett “Everything will be on the table. We can make different investments, we can partner, we can exit products, markets — and we will do that.” —Ford CFO Bob Shanks “Virtually eliminating Ford’s […]


Sports Car Market: The Dallara Stradale is an Instant Classic

I spent the weekend of March 10th and 11th in southern Italy on assignment for Sports Car Market Magazine. The purpose? A weekend test drive of the new Dallara Stradale. A handful of leading global automotive journalists were invited to take part in the historic unveiling of Gian Paolo Dallara’s masterpiece. SCM publisher Keith Martin […]


Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach: Demographics are Impacting the Collector Car Hobby

“Demography is destiny.” —Auguste Comte, French sociologist On Saturday I made my annual pilgrimage to the South Florida Fairgrounds to take in all the fun at the Barrett-Jackson car auction. This year’s successful formula was identical to last year—and the year before that. Rows of cars under tents. Hot dogs and beer. One Barrett-Jackson merchandise store after […]



Philip Richter and Keith Martin

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